The very existence of a diaspora questions the nature of personal identity. The root of the word suggests not only a scattering but also a reforming which gives rise to new moments of becoming, that is, the creation of new and multiple identities. While this sense of becoming, of being worked on, is accompanied by the effects of dislocation, a typical constituent of most diasporic journeys, it is, at the same time, subject to the process of hybridity and heterogeneity at the national, cultural, and linguistic levels which challenges the traditional understanding of identity. It soon becomes apparent that diaspora is experienced in and through change and difference. In a diaspora, a dialogical space develops that permits a multivocal challenge to the exclusive, dominant versions of national identity, which are essentially monological. These new hybridized forms of national identity are not compatible with an essentialized identity based on nation and homeland.

Toward an Armenian Diaspora Theatre by Lorne Shirinian
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