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salaam all,

my sister’s janaazah is today. i ask that you make duaa for her forgiveness and mercy, and duaa that allah grants those of us left behind sabr. this is a bridge we’ll all cross, she’s only made the journey a little ahead of us. jazaakumallahu kheyr for your messages. may allah guide and have mercy on us all. if you live in portland the salaah is at 1:30 at mesjid assaber inshallah.


We Are Happy From Hargeisa - Pharrell Williams (Happy)

If a man does not know the value of his own loneliness, how can he respect another’s solitude?

Thomas Merton, “No Man Is An Island” (via litverve)

Today when I begin writing I’m aware: something that I don’t understand drives this engine.

Anonymous asked: Hi i hope you are having a nice day, i saw pics of Hargisa and i was wondering why tagging them with somalia instead of somaliland? i dont mean to upset you i am just confused

i don’t think somaliland is politically/economically salient in the long run. i know a lot of people feel very strongly about somaliland’s autonomy, but i think it’s reactionary and doesn’t take into account the implications of an entire region that’s predominantly occupied by a single tribe.

Anonymous asked: Hi I just wanted to ask a question about an old post where you put up an excerpt about somali women from 'men drink tea while women gossip' by laddan affi , i can't seem to find this reading anywhere can you tell me where to get access to it? Thank you!

if you have access to jstor through a college you should be able to find it. if you don’t just give me your email address and i’ll gladly send you the pdf :)

poverty hurts women (at Downtown San Francisco)

sometimes taking steps towards openness feels fraught with uncertainty.
i lit two matches in the open air today. i can already feel one sparking against the edge of something bright and beautiful. the other one caught briefly (hope?), but quickly went out. sometimes you don’t know what you stand at the edge of: the birth of a universe or a black hole. everything is an echo. may all the warmth you send out into the universe come back to you tenfold. love is like the moon, bright and full against the inky sky, it tethers the night.

i used to write a lot about the vitalness of sometimes burning bridges, of cutting toxic people and influences out of your life without remorse. but it would be childish if i didn’t realize how equally important mending bridges is. you can forgive people who have hurt you, you can lay your pain out on the table and be real about it without diminishing it or exaggerating it. hurt gives you a tunnel vision that doesn’t allow for perspective. the way a lot of us cling to anger is reckless and childish. forgiveness is a deeply human act. love is deeply human, wrought with uncertainty and pain. we hold on to the spoils and ashes of war and they fester, extinguish the light inside us. i want to chase new and bright beginnings and build bridges from rot and ash and fire. a phoenix fumbling through the dark towards a better way. i forgave someone today and in doing so forgave myself.


Just wanna be young and work hard for love


Claudia Rankine, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely

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